Maintaining a sense of normalcy for children with loss or illness of a parent

Infinity – Susanna Smiles

Infinite Love

Susanna was truly one of a kind. She was the youngest of 8 children, married for 20 years and a proud mama of four.  She was a great friend to many and cared about people and made an impact on everyone she met.  

Our lives were completely rocked when we learned of Susanna’s diagnosis of cancer. Susanna was tough and determined and she battled cancer valiantly in her short 9-month fight. We did not get the miracle that she or the large community hoped and prayed for.  When in treatment, Susanna chose the infinity symbol to represent infinite love for her family, friends, and community.  Susanna would be proud to know she is being remembered in a way that helps others and provides an impact. 

Our public charity, rooted in gratitude and love, is committed to making a positive impact through diverse fundraising events and initiatives. Pledges and sponsor contributions play a vital role in raising essential funds for those in need. These contributions are directed to the respective entities addressing specific needs, rather than being allocated directly to individuals or families. With an all-volunteer board and committee members, we diligently manage the proceeds from our generous supporters, upholding Susanna's legacy of love and compassion.
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Infinite support for individuals in crisis

The Mission and Purpose of Infinity – Susanna Smiles

Welcome to Infinity – Susanna Smiles, where our heart lies in empowering our community through support and resources. Inspired by the enduring spirit of Susanna May, we provide tailored assistance to families with children in our community to aid those facing major life changes focusing on health, education, and overall well-being. Join us in our mission to transform lives and build a more prosperous, resilient community.

Infinite compassion for families from their community

Caring Support Through Four Key Pillars

Infinity - Susanna Smiles is a public charity operating as a 501(c)(3). Focusing on four key pillars to support families facing critical illnesses. These pillars are designed to provide comprehensive assistance covering health and wellness, childhood prosperity, education, and essential needs, ensuring no family must navigate these challenges alone.

Health &

Caring for the
Whole Person
Medical Expenses
Alternative Medicine
Preventative Education
Palliative & Hospice Care


Compassion in Caring and Providing for Children in Need in Our Community

Grief Support
Supplies and Educational Tools
Extra-Curricular Activities
Care Packages



Leading Assistance with Essential needs of Families Impacted by Illness of Patient

Housing & Utilities Support
Food & Nutrition
Cleaning Services
Caregiver & Transportation
Financial & Legal Services
Funeral Expenses



Educational Needs

Preschool/Day Care
Technology & Supplies
Professional Services