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Susanna’s Journey and the Foundation's Supportive Pillars

Susanna’s initial diagnosis was stage 4 renal cancer that had metastasized to her lungs. With that fateful knowledge came a whirlwind of decisions. The financial impact was a particularly difficult hurdle. Susanna was now unable to work because of the aggressive treatments she hoped would save her life. This impacted her husband's income as well due to time taken off work to take her to appointments and help their 4 children with their parochial education and extra-curricular needs. Additional unexpected costs included alternative treatments that traditional insurance would not cover. Knowing firsthand how challenging a critical illness is for a family, the foundation has formed pillars to provide support and subsidize the needs of others in similar situations.

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Susanna found that many medical expenses were not covered by traditional insurance and the extensive financial burden was unexpected. Expenses supported are insurance deductibles, out of pocket medical expenses, alternative medicine, therapy, preventative education, counseling, prosthetics, palliative and hospice care.


Susanna exhibited compassion in caring and providing for children in need in our community.  We support childhood prosperity by offering support to maintain a balance for normalcy by providing day-to-day supplies, clothing, educational tools, and fees for extra-curricular activities.  Children also may need therapy/counseling, grief support, emotional support, and diversion. To counterbalance stress and worry, we provide care packages and organize supportive notes or activities to support and care for children.  


In the case of critical illness or tragedy, income may be reduced or stretched with additional expenses and a decrease in their ability to work.  The organization offers resources for housing support, food and nutrition, utilities, cleaning services, or assistance to find additional resources for social services or assistance with housing/utilities, transportation, caregiver support, legal / financial services and funeral service expenses.


Susanna attended Catholic schools as a child.  She and her husband believed in the quality of private education and the sense of community that came with it.  We are committed to supporting educational needs including, tuition, tutoring, organized traditional/non-traditional courses, preschool, day care, professional services, technology and supplies that a child may need for educational purposes.  Scholarships may be offered at a later date to help with educational needs.  


Please complete the application to submit a request for help from Infinity-Susanna Smiles, Inc. This application is designed to address the financial needs of individuals facing critical illness or loss of life.

Your openness in sharing your situation is invaluable. Providing as much information as possible will help in our selection process from our Independent Recommendation Committee.